Cloud Consultancy

Cloud computing is transforming the development and delivery of technology solutions, creating seamless communities of users, developers, and enterprises. Organizations can shorten timelines, increase speed of response, and reduce costs by using cloud technology and support hyper-scalability.

While developing Cloud or Hybrid Cloud applications that bring innovation at scale to the market, we use DevOps methodology, tools, and processes to design, test and deploy new product releases faster than ever.

Our Cloud Platfoms

Strategy & Assessement

Our tech team will work with your organization to understand your goals in moving to the cloud and then perform application portfolio analysis. Using tools and proven methodologies, we collect inventory and perform assessment of your business applications. We perform financial and risk analysis to determine what, how and when applications should be moved to the cloud. Based on the goals, benefits and the risks of the applications, we will present these deliverables:

Cloud Strategy Roadmap

The roadmap will provide you recommendations on how you can consolidate your IT assets and data center investments. It will classify applications into multiple categories - to Retain, Retire, Re-host, Re-platform or Re-architect.

Proposed Architecture

For applications that need to be re-architected, Imarishwa may also propose an architecture, along the lines of our reference architecture.

Integration Model

Imarishwa can provide recommendations on how to consolidate and integrate your existing applications to get more value through our System integration and API services.

Implementation Plan

The Cloud Strategy Roadmap, Architecture and Integration Model be tied together in a high level implementation plan that provide time and investment visibility.

Infrastructure & Implementation

Building and transforming an IT infrastructure that is flexible, secure, scalable and cost-effective, while executing business strategies and adopting frameworks to move to an “as-a-service” model can be a daunting task. We understand these complexities and take an end to end approach to infrastructure issues.

We offer cloud infrastructure strategy and planning services from our Cloud Advisory Services to help you evaluate and prepare for implementing or updating cloud in your environment. After identifying the most appropriate workloads, our specialists work with you to assess your infrastructure readiness.

Imarishwa’s Cloud Infrastructure Implementation Services include:

Infrastructure Design and Implementation

- Comprehensive infrastructure and application architecture implementation
- Cloud infrastructure design
- Provide Transition & Transformation (T&T) Plan

Infrastructure Build:

- Divide workloads into applications, data, and infrastructure
- Determine the delivery infrastructure you will use to abstract the application infrastructure
- Define monitoring practices and physical infrastructure
- Define Security and Governance

Infrastructure Migration

-Strategy and Roadmap
- Infrastructure Audit
- Automate and deploy infrastructure to cloud
- Transfer data to cloud platform and thoroughly test all functionality and security

Infrastructure Deployment:

- Cloud , Hybrid or On-premises

On-going Support:

- Designing and implementation of end-to-end monitoring solutions with right KPIs for your whole business case

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